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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do FAG's publications often use charts with Aries on the right ? I was taught to put Aries on the left...
Because Aries right shows a better representation of the cosmographic reality of our tropical zodiac ! The Aries right orientated charts match visually the synchronous declinations: the Sun on 21st June appears on the top of the chart (as on the Cancer tropic), while on 22nd December, it stands below (as on Capricorn tropic).
What are the other advantages in using Aries right orientation ?
This may seem unusual at first, but if we consider that Libra and Virgo are the slowest rising signs, followed by Leo and Scorpio (in Northern Hemisphere where most of us reside), there is more probability that this orientation will match natal or horary left AS charts.
For the same reason, we can view this as representative of the collective moods: with transits in Virgo/Libra, the collective will tend to experience them near their AS (left), while when transits occur on the Pisces/Aries side of the zodiac, a lot of us will experience them in the proximity of their DS (right).
How to print pages from the website without cuts in the texts at the right margin ?
You may need to setup the page margins of your Internet browser. In Internet Explorer : File / Page Setup / Left Magin 10 mm, Right Margin 5mm, Top 10mm & Bottom 15mm.

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