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Updated : 6 December 2020

Astrological Association
Publishes the "Astrological Journal". Contact: Astrological Association,  Unit 168, Lee Valley Technopark, Tottenham Hale, London N17 9LN, England. Tel: +44 (0)20 88 80 48 48.
Website: http://www.AstrologicalAssociation.com



ISAR  International Society for Astrological Research
Publishes "The International Astrologer". International exchange Emailletter every Sunday. Contact: PO Box 38613, Los Angeles, CA 90038-0613, USA. Tel: +1  805 525 0461.
Website: http://www.isarastrology.com

NCGR National Council for Geocosmic Research
Publishes the excellent "Geocosmic Magazine" and the "Memberletter".
Contact: Executive Secretary, Liane Thomas Wade, 531 Main St #1612, New York, NY 10044-0114, USA. Tel: +1  212 838 6247. Email: execsec @ geocosmic.org
Website: http://www.geocosmic.org
NCGR - Declination Sig
Publishes quarterly "The Other Dimension".
Contact: Membership Secretary, Martha Ramsey, 400 Avenue D, Roswell, MN 88203, USA. Check/money order in US$ to Declination Sig : $18 US , $20 Canada & Mexico ; $25 World.
Website: http://www.declination.org
ALL - Astrological Lodge of London
Publishes the "Astrology Quarterly". Monday meetings at The Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Road, London, W1H 4EA. Programme on the website.
Website: http://www.astrolodge.co.uk
Distance and online learning courses. Programme on the website.
Website: https://www.astrologycollege.com
Scottish Astrological Association
Wednesday meetings twice a month at The Theosophical Society, 28 Great King St, Edinburgh.
Contact: Cathy at: 0131 554 25 00
Website: http://www.lunatica.fsnet.co.uk
Northern Lights Astrological Society
Secretary: Kevin Rowan, 14 Ball Street, South Shore, Blackpool, FY1 6HL
Email: kevinrowan2 @ hotmail.com ; Phone: 01253 402137
Website: http://nlblackpool.mysite.freeserve.com
Astrology Periodicals

The Mountain Astrologer
Contact: PO Box 970, Cedar Ridge, CA 95924, USA. Email: Subs(at)MountainAstrologer.com
Website: http://www.MountainAstrologer.com
For Europe, subscribe via The Wessex Astrologer, 4A Woodside Road, Bournemouth, BH5 2AZ, England. Tel-fax: +44  (0)1202 424 695.
Website: http://www.wessexastrologer.com
More Astrology Links
Correspondence courses in astrology (based in UK). Taster course available.
Website: http://www.astrologycollege.com

Astro DataBank
Lois Rodden's database, the place for celebrity data and astrology research. Cutting edge data.
Contact: Pat Taglilatelo. Email: patadb @ gmail.com
Website: http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Main_Page

The Urania Trust
Publishes "The Yearbook of Worldwide Astrology".
Website: http://www.uraniatrust.org
The Metalog
Website: http://www.astrologer.com
StarIQ Online Directory of Astrologers
Website: http://www.stariq.com
Astro Data Index
Michael Munkasey made an Index of the data from Lois Rodden's books and her DataNews, in a Word format (sent by email attachment, for $20 to his address). Useful ! Contact: 79 Daily Drive, #200, Camarillo, CA 93010, USA. Email: m_munkasey @ compuserve.com
Astrology Gardens
Moveable gardens for celebrations and gatherings by astrologer Jean Elliott.
Website: http://www.starwaves.co.uk/astrologygardens.html
Cycles of History
Anton d'Abreu's website, all dedicated to planetary cycles.
Website: http://cyclesofhistory.com/
Astro Fashion Profile
The site aims to guide you in the creation of your professional and romantic images. Contact: Pat Harris. Email: harris @ interalpha.co.uk
Website: http://www.astrologyfashion.com
Barbara Nowak's Sight
Photo of Moon-Saturn conjunction of 10th Sept. 2001, to become occultation of Saturn by the Moon. Saturn's rings are visible on the picture. Contact: Barbara Nowak. Email: af @ 29eagles.com
Website: http://29eagles.com/astro
Directory for Astronomy
Science directory with astronomy resources
Website: http://
Clock Finder
Comprehensive clock directory to keep up with time! Among the clock index, see Real Time Clock, Sun Clock, Tide Clock, Time Zone Clock or World Clocks.
Website: http://

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