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23 November 2003,
22:49 GMT


A Strong Sagittarian Eclipse
- 23 Novembre 2003

The Sun eclipse of 23 November 2003 (22:49 GMT), was aligned on 1°14 Sagittarius, and squared Uranus at 29° Aquarius as only aspect. Eclipses produce their effects before or after they occur (6 months on either side). But of course, the month in which the eclipse aligns is the most touched.

What was strong there was it happened three days after another significant aspect, the tight Mars-Jupiter opposition of 20th November at 13:58 GMT (Rainbow 03, p.37). A tight opposition between bodies means they are almost in perfect contra-parallel. And now with Mars, still near perigee quite close to the Earth at 15°58 Pisces, and Jupiter, the largest of all planets, opposed in Virgo. The % is T-square the manipulative conjunction of Mercury 12° and Pluto 19° Sagittarius.

That morning of 20 November, the Moon passed South of the equator at 9:41 GMT on 9° Libra. Astrologers Nelda Tanner and Leigh Westin have often pointed that a planet crossing the equator is automatically at declination mid-point of any contra-parallel, and therefore can act as trigger. So here we had both the same day.

At 9:10 and 9:12 GMT (hour from BBC correspondent Steve Bryant) two Istanbul bomb attacks target the British consulate and the HSBC bank headquarters, killing 27 people (Consul Roger Short among the dead) and injuring 450. The same day, another bomb attack kills 5 and injures 40 in Iraq. While in London, 70,000 people march in demonstration against Bush in visit in the UK… with on show many "Bush terrorist n°1" panels. Another detail about this aspect : at 9:10, the Moon had not yet crossed the equator. This means her position was in a sensitive "anomalia", as she was still in a Northern declination, and meanwhile already in Libra. And as a reminder, this came just five days after the other twin bomb attacks near Istanbul synagogues, where 25 people lost their lives and 300 were wounded (15th November just after 9:30 Turkish time). The latitude of Istanbul being 41°N.

The Sun eclipse of 23 November is quite remarkable as the same evening, the classical symbolism imaging an eclipse of a king / leader showed its face : pressed by an angry crowd in Tbilissi the capital of Georgia, the president Eduard Shevardnadze resigned, accused to have falsified the 2nd Nov. elections in his country ! The latitude of Tbilissi being 42°N. Astromapping has already shown that the latitude where an eclipse is angular (conjunct MC, AS, DS or IC) to another planet also anglular can be most significant (this phenomena being called paran).

What the eclipse cartography (Rainbow 03, p.39 or here below) shows among others :
- Mars DS and Jupiter AS angular on Istanbul.
- T-square : Mercury-Pluto conjunction on IC in the middle of Turkey.
- And important parans involving the Sun-Moon conjunction near 41°-42°N :
1. North of Korea on the astromap : Sun-Moon/AS * Jupiter/MC * Mars IC
2. North of Hawaï on the map : Sun-Moon/MC * Neptune/AS

These events underline once more that the complete cartography of an eclipse is more significant than the location of it's path or lines only. Of course, where the path projects itself is significant, as it is where an eclipse is most central, but this time the eclipse path only touched the South Pacific Ocean and Australia (where a paran involving Sun-Moon/AS * Neptune IC was active at the level of Sydney : this contributed to the joy of the English rugby team and supporters for their previous day's victory in the World Cup.


© Astrid Fallon. Sheffield, 6th December 2003.
Article written partially for ISAR emailletter, Vol. 261.

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