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The 2004 Asian Tsunami in 3D

The diagram shows declination for the Moon and the planets in 2004. Click the image to enlarge.


Earthquakes often occur around planetary alignments such as New and Full Moon, eclipses and occultations.
They are also sensitive to the Moon's high declination (and extremes when out-of-bounds).
or to the Moon's distance as when at perigee (highest pull) or apogee (loser pull).

The Asian tsunami occurred after an unusual number of planetary occultations by the Moon in the
Southern hemisphere (as shown by the diagram, on top of the sliding Australian plate).

At the time of the earthquake, the Moon was peaking out-of-bounds at North lunistice (standstill)
and on Apogee at the same time.

Astrid Fallon, 22 May 2006.

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