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On ~ Eclipses ~

The 11th August 1999 Sun Eclipse

Reflecting on it 5 years later, I thought this forecast was
pretty relevant. So here it is, translated from French, and illustrated.

World chart for the eclipse

When I hear echoes of negative rumours about the famous eclipse. I don't share these ideas spreading terror and abuse of the public's credibility. Why?

Why give the Sun eclipse such a destructive power? If the Sun is totally eclipsed once a year on average, it is not each time the sign of apocalypse!

And about the Grand square, it is more the symbol of a perfect world! What is extraordinary is its occurrence near the middle of the fixed signs, and that means the balance between the 4 complimentary forces of the 4 seasons, the 4 pillars of the world. This Grand square represents the perfect balance of the sky that we humans try to reflect.

Far from being paradise, we must admit that during the last centuries, humanity has globally made big steps towards democracy. And on the technological plane, even if Mir looses it's control, lets notice the success of space exploration or medical advances… Then came the PC, mobile phones and other tools we daily use… don't they also reflect a sort of perfection?

Let us build this better and more balanced world. Of course, they are accidents (and wars) warning us to be more careful and make us change. The problems with poisoning caused by animal flours in UK and Belgium were certainly beneficial as they come as a warning of the dangers of dodgy agricultural practices the industry has played with since the 70's.
In fact, it it is all year long that is what some may call “rotten” with squares and oppositions. And in 2000, the squares continue. The humanitarian war of Kosovo can be seen as a way to look for balance and avoid a 3 rd world war.

Since January 1999, the stations of Mars in opposition to Jupiter and Saturn and square Neptune and Uranus, give us a lot of work. Already, the 1 st July, the grand square occupies 0°-3° of the fixed signs, then the Moon eclipse one of July 28 th between 3°-8°, and finally on August 11 th , the Sun eclipse one between 14°-18° of the fixed cross. Bernard Kouchner (1 Nov 1939, Avignon , 6h), with his six planets in the fixed signs doesn't escape to his responsibilities: Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Leo.

Personally, thanks to all these squares, I've just done a big tidying/sorting, threw away piles of papers and documentations that had become useless or cluttering. And it isn't finished, I'm planning to continue. But already I feel lighter and more available for here and now. This still didn't stop me one day to shout a bit too loud.

Wishing this grand cross offers us the opportunity to reflect on our lives, and evolve towards more wisdom and meet more serenity in our lives.

Eclipse chart for Paris

© Astrid Fallon, 1999-2005. Written on July 16th 1999, for the Cedra Mailing list la CLE (n° 2358).
Translated from French on 24nd April 2005. All rights reserved.

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