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Times ahead for more feminine values  
2001- 2010

The Moon Nodes are crossing the solstice axis on 13th October 2001. This is where the Sun and the Moon can meet their maxima and minima at same declination (see the 21st June 2001 Sun eclipse). There is equality in the Sun/Moon relationship.

But from now on, and for a duration of 9 years, the Moon's maximas will go Out of Bounds (1), taking over the Sun. The highest maxima or "major standstill" (2) of the Moon will occur when the North Node transits near 0° Aries, in 2005-2006 (cycle of 18,7 year, last transited in 1913, 1931, 1950, 1969 and 1987).

We can expect the Moon values to be highlighted. Instability will create some changes, in favor of women, children and the other emotional beings. This will, among others, push women forward, as well as crowds. The planet will wear it's feminine coat on. I noticed this effect particularly strong on the world of fashion, as straight forward mirror image of what's happening in people's souls (3). That is were I will base my forecasts, hoping the more passive and feminine influence on the planet will calm the soul of the excessive macho's ones.

More on this matter in the following article : The Soli - Lunar Match

(1)  OOB, term used by several authors in Geocosmic Magazine (Spring 1998, Special on "Declination").
(2)  Term used by Ken Gillman in "Stations of the Moon", same Geocosmic Magazine, p31-37.
(3)  My article "Le Match Soleil-Lune" (Astralis n° 23, April 1988) also relates the effects of the phenomena on socio politic level. Under the Sun's dominance, I noticed that the regularity of its path facilitates the principles of law, authority and order. But under the Moon's dominance, authority seems to have more difficulty to maintain it. The Moon was in its OOB phase when social security was introduced in France and USA, when revolutions appeared, when markets crashed, when psychology or alternative medicines opened new doors… Of course lets not forget the other bigger cycles interacting with this phenomena.

© 1988-2001, Astrid Fallon

Sheffield, 1st October 2001. Edited - 9th October 2001 and 22 Dec. 2005

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