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On ~ Moon Nodes ~

to the Duch translation
by Beatrice Boucher

De Zon-Maan wedstrijd

Domination by Moon

1909 - 1913 - 1917
1927 - 1931 - 1935
1946 - 1950 - 1954
1965 - 1969 - 1973
1983 - 1987 - 1991
2002 - 2006 - 2010

The lunistice peaks
Out-of bound,
that is to say
at a declination
superior to 23°27 N/S.

Years in bold
= Major standstill :
the lunistice peaks at
a declination of 28° N/S.

Domination by Sun

1918 - 1922 - 1926
1937 - 1941 - 1945
1955 - 1959 - 1963
1974 - 1978 - 1982
1993 - 1997 - 2001
2011 - 2015 - 2020

Years in bold
= Minor standstill :
the lunistice peaks at
a declination of 18° N/S.


The Soli-Lunar Match  
19 year cycle

This article is the remake of a longer original article written on 6th March 1988, and published
in the FABEF Bulletin n°7 - April 1988 (Brussels); and in Cedra Astralis n°23 - April 1988 (Lyon).

When watching the Moon, you may have noticed how high its altitude in the sky was at culmination. The Full Moon of 15 December 2005 and of 14 January 2006 have the particularity of being really high in the sky at the time of culmination. On 16th December 2005, the Moon peaked at 1°43 Cancer at declination of 28°22, that is to say 5° above midday Sun on summer solstice. In January 1997, the Moon’s declination peak only reached 18°N, that is to say 5° lower than the Sun at solstice point. The nine years between 1997 and 2006 relate to half of the lunar nodes cycle.

As traditional teachings tell us that the elevation of a planet in the sky tends to increase its power, we can deduce in this 18 ˝ years cycle, that the Sun and the Moon will share power in alternation of 9 years each. The most extreme periods occur when the North Node reaches 0° Aries (2006: Moon) or 0° Libra (1997: Sun). And what if all this had a meaning? We should be able to make conclusions on this phenomenon’s actions though the 20th century.

Of course, the soli-lunar cycle is part of the other big planetary cycles that also have their word in our planet evolution. Nevertheless, I found significant correspondences. One domain remaining pretty free of major political or financial influences to test our idea is the world of fashion: part time more feminine -Moon- and part time more masculine -Sun-.

Solar Fashion :  North Node near Libra-Virgo, or between Sagittarius and Cancer.
Around 1922, 1941 and 1959, fashion tends to be masculine, noticeable by its simplicity or regularity. Then around 1978, punks also adopted a masculine style, to the point of assertiveness. If the head isn’t bold, hair is cut very short. The same trend occurred again in the years around 1997. Remember, even Diana was happy wearing army looking gear when campaigning against the land mines.

Lunar Fashion :  North Node near Aries-Pisces, or between Gemini and Capricorn.
The years bordering 1913 (oriental style fashion), 1931 and 1950, show a definitive feminine trend. Around 1969, the hippies revived the length of women’s dress, adding laces or flowers as peace symbol. Even men let their hair grow (Beatles). Around 1987, fashion was feminine again, girl’s hair got longer, and pony tail (or mini-plats) became fashion again among men. Now, in 2005-2006, fashion will follow this trend again.

The Sun energy gives priority to the outside world, the exterior, masculine, objective, rational and logic. It’s spiritual world of consciousness organizes life and bases its laws and principles according to facts. The Sun governs stability, authority in power, social success, right wing of parliaments, or exterior images.

When the Sun rules, we see political powers become more authoritarian, favoring right wing leaders, those that make the rules in order to have better control over situations. The Bauhaus movement in architecture is one of its productions, where the style simplified the basic structures, to a consequent austere style we know. Then the contraceptive pill gave more control to woman and man, in their responsibilities in giving birth.

The lunar energy opens the doors of the inner world that is feminine and subjective. This sensitive world rules the psyche, the imagination, the unconscious, instincts and emotions. The Moon is associated with women, with crowds, democracy or communalism, with security needs, mysteries, and with instability or change. Women are in the news.

When the Moon peaks above the Sun, the political scene seems to have more difficulties to keep authority in place, as crowds tend to wake up, react emotionally and call for changes. We note countries like China, Russia, India or Israel being more concerned. Moon peaks were synchronous to the development of the social security, of the supermarket, of the study of human psyche and alternative medicine, or other matters improving people’s daily lives. Time is for some instability, and this phenomenon is very visible in the stock markets.

Of course, we should also link this lunar node cycle to the other great cycles to study them with maximum objectivity. Nevertheless, the clear correspondences of both the solar and lunar peaks on the mundane events let me propose that they are also effective in our birth charts!

More around this matter in the CD-ROM 's article "Natural astrology, another door of perception", article also published in the The Astrological Journal - Vol.47 n°3 - May-June 2005.

© 1988-2005, Astrid Fallon. All rights reserved.

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