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On ~ Occultations ~

25 Oct. 2003, 12h09 GMT

Mercury occulted
by the Moon
= tight conjunction,
(9min after the New Moon)

Occultation chart
Los Angeles

seen by
starrynight.com, from
my home in Sheffield

Planetary Alignment and Mercury's occultation
 - 25 Oct. 2003

Were the magnetic storms, the Santa Anna winds (California fires), or the escalation of violence visible in our charts ? Those of you who have the Rainbow Ephemeris 2003 will have noticed that big knot in the declination chart at the end of October !

One of the major aspect for 2003 was the alignment of October 25th around the New Moon at 1°41 Scorpion, squeezed between a tight conjunction between Sun and Mercury (0°32' apart in declination) and an occultation of Mercury by the Moon (1°01' apart, detailed with its cartography p.33, or here below).

In other words, we had in a straight line the Earth - the Moon - the Sun - and Mercury (D almost behind the Sun, well in its rays or flares). In our geocentric charts, we saw a triple Mercury-Sun-Moon conjunction. The declination graphs for October (p.35) or for year 2003 (p.5 or 43) show indeed and very clearly that tight meeting between the three bodies. But the declination graph also draws our attention to the parallel between that triple conjunction and Mars-Uranus (also trining the triple conjunction from 5° Pisces and 29° Aquarius). These 5 planets are parallel between 10S30 and 12S30 declination (in the sky, equivalent to the same latitude on Earth).

The ejection of the first solar flare occurred on Oct. 22nd, just after the Moon had opposed Uranus-Mars, and conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. We could count that the separating Jupiter-Uranus opposition, still in orb of 2° (heliocentrically), adds-up to the other triple alignment, to trigger the Sun. Other big solar eruptions occurred on Oct. 29th at 6:13 am GMT and on Nov. 4th at 19:50 GMT.

The magnetic storm, big enough to draw attention to the media, produced spectacular displays of the northern lights and as when Mercury was involved, the communications got affected. But also, Mercury relates to winds. The cartography of its occultation shows the triple conjunction rising in a tighter manner at the level of Mexico. That is close to California where the Santa-Anna wind blew onto the fires (that started on Oct. 21st in San Bernardino and by Oct. 28th had killed 20 people and devastated too many homes and 300,000 acres of land).

Magnetic storms generates a huge amount of energy that, if not well used, can tend to increase levels of anger or wars. On Oct. 25th, a US helico was attacked near Tikrit ; on the 26th, a rocket attack hit a Hotel in Baghdad ; then Monday the 27th was the worst day for the coalition forces in Iraq ever : 5 suicide attacks (car bomb on the Red Cross Quarters killing 42 people and injuring 200+… against the Iraqi police headquarters... the Moon was that day applying a square to Mars-Uranus conjunction). G. Bush was then asked, his feelings about the losses, he replied something like "the more we are successful, the more the terrorist will react"... well... indeed November saw an escalation of attacks.

Nov. 2nd in Falluja killing 15 troups in a helico ; 8th in Ryhad killing 12 ; 12th killing 26 -17 Italians- ; 15th in Istanbul killing 25 near synagogues, plus 2 helico hit at Mossul killing 17 soldiers, and in France a Jewish school burnt at Gagny, near Paris, plus a tragic accident in St-Nazaire with the collapse of a bridge carrying pedestrians to visit the Queen Mary where 12 poeple didn't survive a fall of 20 meters. That day, other triggers activated the pain with Venus squaring the Mars-Jupiter's opposition, and the Moon still OOB -out of bound- in Cancer.

In England, the winds blew the conservative leader, Ian Duncan Smith, out of his post on Oct. 29th.

These events demonstrate the power of conjunctions when very tight like are the eclipses or occultations. The transit of Oct. 25th was positive for myself, with the triple one on my Ascendant : on the Friday evening, we met a sophisticated art-museum orientated couple in a superb French restaurant and had both a special time. The next day, on the 25th, my husband and daughter went to Belgium for the half-term week, a real treat for my Ascendant, more available to what I was concentrating on at the time.

© Astrid Fallon. Sheffield, 4th December 2003.

Article written originally for  "The Other Dimension" (NCGR DeclinSig).

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