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Chart  for  François Bayrou

Born: 25 May 1951, 16h, Borderes, France
Candidate in 2007 French presidential elections


Equatorial axis across the 6-12th Houses: soul relationship with people experienced on an equal base.
Solstice axis across the 3-9th Houses: his thoughts and views are expressed without detours.

High declination planets indicate experiences with relief (his parents were farmers, but he went to University).
The out-of-bound Venus in Cancer culminating on the Midheaven shows his love for for life (father of six children).
Diploma in literature, he became teacher, overcame his stammering, and gradually from 1982, went into politics.
The good balance between the eastern and western hemisphere globally favors fair relationships.


Data sources: AA - Birth Certificate. Info D. Van de Vin, La CLE n° 29245 (24 Oct. 2006), Cedra.

Progressed Declinations (all above charts made with Zodiac 5.2)

- The first progressed New and full Moon well out-of-bound, show his capacity for sensitive changes.
- The two Venus occultations could explain his sympathy, during his youth, to non-violent movements (Lanza del Vasto).
- Tight conjunctions involve Mars and Uranus (plus high declination Mars-Uranus-Pluto parallels): energy for new opportunities.
- The Jupiter-Saturn parallel close to the equator portrays a well balanced sense of social responsibility.

Precise Progressed Phenomena

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