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   Precise Phenomena  in  Practice            

   Famous Charts
                                         Last Update :   6 July 2008

1915: Edith Piaf - 1924: Robert Amadou
1926: Elizabeth Kübler-Ross - 1929: Martin Luther King ~ Yasser Arafat
1932: Jacques Chirac - 1935: Guy Gilbert
1946: G.W. Bush - 1947: Hilary Clinton ~ A. Schwartzenegger - 1948: Brian Eno
1951: F. Bayrou - 1952: V. Putin - 1953: Tony Blair ~ José Bové ~ Ségolène Royal ~ D. de Villepin
1954: Condolezza Rice - 1955: Nicolas Sarkozy ~ Bill Gates - 1958: Michael Jackson
1961 : Ingrid Betancourt (FR) - 1968: Moussaoui -
1971: Juge Burgaud - 1979: Rachel Corrie - when no link, the page is in construction -

   Precise Progressed Phenomena

Most of the above charts are illustrated with their Precise Progressed Phenomena. The PPP are major secondary progressed appointments or progressions leaving marks behind. They are also true progressed charts and are even easy to calculate with any good ephemeris with aa aspectarian including the hours of the conjunctions.

The PPP to look for are the charts of any important conjunction occurring between progressed planets in the period that preceded and followed the actual birth: the usual 3 last month of pregnancy for the conversed and the 3 first months following birth for the direct Secondary progressions.

By important conjunctions I mean only the conjunctions that are tight by declination, also called parallel conjunctions: less than 1° apart are the strongest, but less than 2° of separation is still tight enough. There are usually only a few of those in a life. Prenatal or progressed eclipses can appear in the list. The closer to birth the events happen, the more significant they are.

These major appointments of life leave traces: the zodiac degrees where the tight conjunctions occurred continue all life to carry their meaning, to the point of being receptive to progressions and transits. In other words, they don't need dating to be interpreted, as they are there and valid from 3 months old.

To make sure you understand the technique : the major Transits occurring during the first 3 months of life correspond to the major Secondary progressions, called PPP for ‘Precise Progressed Phenomena’ or planetary events. These events show the Radix focused becoming. The Precise Planetary Phenomena 1920-2030 collection was created among other reasons, for this purpose: all Lights and planet conjunctions are detailed with the precise declination for each planet and for their distance apart.

   The PPP Chart

How to do? First do the charts separately for the place of birth. Look for the House in which the conjunction happens to better describe its qualities. Then compare the PPP chart with the birth chart. When the AS or MC repeat similar directions, the natal Houses they point at will take relief. Sometimes, there are coincidences in the timing of the PPP charts (showing the Angles in similar directions). The same applies when repetition points at particular zodiac degrees (30° rule or 12th Harmonic). The converse PPP charts show precise qualities we were born with, that came either from our family ancestors, either from our past lives. The direct PPP charts describe the main opportunities, difficulties or directions of our paths.

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