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Chart  for  Rachel Corrie

Born: 10 April 1979, 3h15 AM, in Olympia, Washington - Died: 16 March 2003 in Gaza, aged 23
Young peace activist, killed by an Israeli bulldozer when demonstrating against demolitions in Rafah.

Without hour of birth, we can still look at the chart's declinations:
A number of personal planets close to the equator signifies the peace activist she was,.
as this configuration tends to experience relationship on an equal base.

                    Data source: about a month after
I created these graphics calculated for Noon, I was informed by AstroDatabank Newsmaker of Rachel's real hour of birth
of 3h15 AM, pointing the Ascendant at 12° Aquarius, the MC at 12° Scorpio and the Moon at 26° Virgo.

www.astrodatabank.com/NM/ CorrieRachel.htm

Progressed Declinations (all above charts made with Zodiac 5.2)

- Note the Venus occultation is parallel to natal Mercury. And the Mercury occultation is parallel to natal Mars.
- Note the progressed New Moon is parallel to natal Pluto.
- The tight Mercury Mars conjunction (6 May) is parallel to natal Sun.

Precise Progressed Phenomena

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