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Chart  for  Guy Gilbert

Born: 12 September 1935, 17h30, in Rochefort, France
Priest for the louts and for the princes ; and author.


Equatorial axis across the 2-8th Houses: The Virgo Sun and the Pisces Moon are both on the Equator. He can share values with people, on an equal base. The Moon close to perigee (opposed Black Moon) shows his investment in a farm devoted to host and bring back to love lost louts of society.

Solstice axis across the 5-11th Houses: No planet occupy this axis at birth, but progressed Mars goes OOB in the 11th House of hopes: often wearing a leather jacket, this priest works hard to protect his OOB young. Author also, to support his charity.

    Data sources: astrotheme.com.

Photo: GG pronouncing a meditation for the wedding of the princes Claire and Laurent de Belgique (12 March 2003).

Progressed Declinations (all above charts made with Zodiac 5.2). Click image to enlarge.

- The Full Moon (just after birth) is parallel (and opposed) to Venus, and right on the equator ! His message calling for tolerance is strong here. Note how Venus stations parallel the natal Sun (between 20 and 40 years old) ; and how Mercury is connected to Saturn (3 times).
- Progressed Mars and Moon and the only planets going OOB.

Precise Progressed Phenomena

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