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Chart  for  Martin Luther King

Born: 15 January 1929, 11h36 AM in Atlanta - Died: 4th April 1968, 19h05 in Memphis, aged 39
Baptist Minister & civil right activist. Famous speach 'I have a dream' : 28 August 1963.


Equatorial axis across the 12-6th Houses: soul relationship with people on an equal base.
Solstice axis across the 3-9th Houses: his believes caused difficult challenges and struggles.

Data sources : A - AstroDatabank says 12h, Jim Lewis rectified to 11h21. Above picture: 'I Have a dream'.
Shot on 4th April 1968 (18h01, Memphis). He died at 19h05.

Progressed Declinations (all above charts made with Zodiac 5.2)

- Note the Moon-Venus parallel (both in Pisces) at birth
- Note how Mars stays out-of-bounds all along!
- At the age of 34 (1963), he speaks his dream when progressed OOB Moon occults progressed Mars.
- Jupiter and Neptune not only form a trine at birth, but are also parallel. This double hit aspect shows the big dream.
- Early 1929, all Moon-Jupiter conjunctions happen to be occultations -close to his natal Taurus Ascendant-.
- He died in 1969 when progressed Full Moon moved parallel to Taurus Jupiter and Virgo Neptune.

Precise Progressed Phenomena

Other details:
Retrograde Mars becomes Direct on Jan 27th at 21° Gemini ;
Mercury becomes Retrograde on Jan. 29th at 24° Aquarius to return Direct on Feb. 2nd at 9° Aquarius.

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