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Chart  for  Yasser Arafat

Born: 4-27 August 1929, 2h, Cairo - Died: 11 November 2004, aged 75
President of the Palestinian Autority 1993-2004


High declination planets indicate experiences with relief.
Jupiter and Pluto are exactly parallel on 21°43' N. And Saturn is contra-parallele to them at 22°16' S.
We also note the proximity of Mars in Libra to the equator:
Following the Oslo accords of 1993, he even received the Nobel Peace Price in 1994!

  Arafat with pope.

Data sources: DD - few possible dates for his birth: 4th, 24th or 27th August 1929.
In such instance, we can still have a look at the Precise progressed Phenomena.

Progressed Declinations (all above charts made with Zodiac 5.2)

- Note the 1st progressed New Moon that is parallel to Neptune (7 days after birth on the graph). Repetition:
- Then the tight Venus-Neptune parallel conjunction (of 27 Sept at 2° Virgo): 31 days after birth on the graph.

Precise Progressed Phenomena

Repetition: Precise Progressed Phenomenum (inside: Mars occultation of 4 Oct. 1929, 9h01 UT, Cairo)
Precise Transit Phenomenum at death (outside: Mars occultation of 11 Nov. 2004, 4h03 UT, Paris)

Look at the degree of his Progressed Mars occultation (4 Oct. 1929, 11h01, Cairo, 9h01 UT): 28°33 Libra.
Then the degree of Mars occultation transit of his death (11 Nov. 2004, 5h03, Paris, 4h03 UT): 29°58 Libra.
He was pronounced dead at 3.30 Paris time. The time of the occultation corresponds to its public announcment.
This Mars occultation is in tune with the false rumor about Arafat's poisoning that could have lead to his death.
Then the degree of the Middle East Mandate's Mars (25 April 1920, 11h22, Remo, Italy, 9h22 UT): 29°25 Libra.

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