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Chart  for  Edith Piaf

Born: 19 December 1915, 5h, Paris - Died: 11 October 1963, aged 47.
French singer and actress


Equatorial axis across the 4-10th Houses: her career and home life were places where she found natural balance.
Solstice axis across the 2-8th Houses: her commitments trough personal work or shared experiences were intense.

High declination planets indicate experiences with relief (from birth: her mother was cafe singer and her father street acrobat).
Indeed, her angular Out-of-Bound Moon in Gemini was contra-parallel to Mercury in Sagittarius, also Out-of-bound.
Then, the charts show how Capricorn Venus makes a perfect declination parallel to the Sagittarius Sun: the Artist !

      Data sources:

AA - Birth certificate, born Edith Gassion. Info: Gauquelin Vol. 4/628.

Progressed Declinations (all above charts made with Zodiac 5.2)

- The Out-of-Bound Full Moon (just after birth, at 28° Gemini) is even close to the True Apogee, also called Black Moon (22° Gemini).
- Note the Sun-Venus parallel at birth (parallel also to a tight prenatal Sun-Mercury conjunction at 22° Sagittarius).
- Note the many tight conjunctions and occultations of Uranus by the Moon, Venus, Mercury and Sun (plus a Total Sun Eclipse).
- Note the tight Venus-Jupiter conjunction very close to the equator, 56 days after birth.

Precise Progressed Phenomena

Unfortunately, the collection of Precise Planetary Phenomena only starts from 1920 (until 2020). Edith Piaf was born just a bit early for this precious list to be included here:-(

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