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Chart  for  Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Born: 8 July 1926 in Zurich, Switzerland - Died: 24 August 2004, aged 78
Doctor - Author - Famous for her work on death and dying


Equatorial axis across the 1-7th Houses: relationship with people is experienced on an equal base.
Solstice axis across the 4-10th Houses: her career and home life has been full of difficult challenges and struggles.

High declination planets indicate experiences with relief (from birth, she was born as a triplet).
The charts show how Gemini Venus makes an important declination parallel to the Cancer Moon, Pluto and Sun.
She said: The missing word to the medical dictionary is 'Love'.

Data sources: AA - Herself to Lois Rodden.

Progressed Declinations (all above charts made with Zodiac 5.2)

- New Moon (just after birth): a Sun Eclipse.
- Note how Venus stays for a long time parallel to natal Sun and Moon (between 10 and 30 years old).
- Note how Mercury is seriously connected to Neptune (3 times), starting at the age of 5 (when she had pneumonia).

Precise Progressed Phenomena

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