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6 July 2000

Newsletter 01

July 2000

Jupiter-Saturn encounter in Taurus

May 2000 has been very special from an astrological point of view. The main features being the alignment of 7 planets in Taurus, around the 3rd and 4th May 2000. The New Moon happened to culminate on the Philippines when at the same time the "'I LOVE YOU" bug was spread into the planet's computer systems.

Then came the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on 28th May 2000, 16h05 GMT. This conjunction belongs to a 20 year cycle and has a strong impact on individuals, the world social and economical cycles. Note this conjunction in Taurus in the Northern Hemisphere happened with a declination in contra-parallel to Uranus in the Southern Hemisphere. It also squared Uranus in Aquarius.

The news reflect the links between current events and astrological factors. This current Uranus-Saturn square allows the climate for the anti-globalisation trend, but also for scientific advances, like the recent genome map.

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© Astrid Fallon. Sheffield, 6th July 2000. Newsletter illustrated on 6th November 2003.
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