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6th December 2003

Newsletter 05

December 2003

The Saturnian Outcome of 2003

I was too optimistic in the previous newsletter, having hoped for more compromises! I think I had under-estimated the power of Saturn, still in an offensive position -ascending and high in the sky, declination wise-, with a chapel spirit like "we are right and the others are wrong", "we believe in the right God and the others believe in a false One". Saturn being close to its Maxima in North declination carries a desire of domination, while staying untouchable… willing to see only his clear point of view, and ignoring it's shadow, that he does not want to know. Sorry, but the whole page now is first on Saturn, only second biggest planets… so we can't stop feeling it. We are more touched by transiting planets than what we may have thought.

One who works with declination knows that when planets move close to their standstill -like the Sun solstice-, they manifest in a more extreme manner compared to when passing near the equator -like at equinox- where the Yin-Yang balance is then fairer. This manifestation of declinations happens at the moment with Saturn that spends, in the Northern Hemisphere, everyday much more time above the horizon than underneath. Even in Cancer, it's still climbing in declination until 2nd April 2004, where at 6°53 Cancer, it will reach its Maxima of 22N49.

I notice the wall now being built in Israel happens with Saturn close to its standstill (Maxima in North), as the Berlin Wall, rapidly in August 1961 while Saturn was close to its Southern standstill in Capricorn. Another reason for Saturn to be remarkable in the Cancer-Capricorn axis is that it is the zone where it meets its own planetary nodes -near 23°30 helio Cancer NN-Capricorn SN-.

The excesses of some individual rulers (Saturn) create a loss of balance that irritates others. The vicious circle of violence resulting seems well installed, and unfortunately for the world. In USA, as in France, 2002 and 2003 have seen lots of new laws clamping down on freedoms allowed before. For the sake of everybody's safety on the road, lower speed limits were imposed (plus new cameras), limits on the drink units, on the handheld phones; in public places or restaurants, smoking is often now banned totally; If I wish to travel to USA, I need to renew my passport, as new regulations have appeared; HAARP project even seems busy trying to control the weather, and for doing so, is prepared to use dangerous transmitters that can put populations at risk for the sake of control; and what not ? ;-((

At the same time we've seen how the trine between Saturn in Gemini and Uranus in Aquarius have developed the real Internet expansion… with it's pro and cons… to the point of saturation… ! With Gemini Saturn, control freak for information, the world knowledge is out there, and if one is a bit curious -and not too stupid-, he will find lots of information on all matters, while sitting at his desk… Without forgetting the other effects of the above aspect like the spread of mobile phones -even I got one!-.

On the other hand, if you happen like me to have had the same central email address for 7 years, and also have a web site attached to its IP address, you will have notice a big change around this summer during these highest declinations of Gemini Saturn (even now in Cancer, it still carries the Gemini symbolism until it reaches its Maxima next April 04). Also, until April 2002, I never knew what a firewall was -Oh, another Wall- !

When I understood this essential software was missing to my system, I subscribed to one, to then discover the whole world had been freely visiting the computer and if clever enough, had had access to private documents very easily ;-( information is out there with Saturn, even the one we are not prepared to share ! Now, XP has an automatic firewall that blocks the computer doors against intrusions (1), but those of you still on an older operating system like Win98, be aware !

Otherwise weird stuff will happen… What happened to me a year ago now was quite revealing: on my website was a counter, and instead of moving forward like expected, it suddenly went retrograde for about 70 numbers (from 5730 to 5670) ! After what, it's logo was changed for an image unknown by me ! I deleted it and phoned my Internet Provider to change my password.

Then this spring-summer 2003 came the spams…. to date, I get about 60 to delete daily (plus it means the control of the address book is more complex than before). Or the Internet servers are periodically stuck, having to upgrade their email processing capacity and solve their email backlog.

With extreme declinations, anything that can differentiate between black and white becomes a matter of politics. In France, the new word is now "discrimination positive", meaning the local authorities and businesses should employ a quota of minorities as a measure to notice the importance of the problem.

But, what else did the Rainbow Ephemeris 2003 show ? Saturn's high declination is boosted by the Moon OOB -out-of-bound- twice a month, with its lunistice (standstill) rising until 2006.

1) Certainly one the most interesting time was on May 7th with the passage of Mercury in the heart of the Taurus Sun. This rare phenomena occurs only 13 times per century. The problem there was its square to Neptune, and lots of us have felt abused by the pretended weapons of mass destruction to be found in Iraq. Read the article in French (with tables and data easy to understand for English language).

2) Then Mars was occulted a few times by the Moon : on July 17th at 8:00 GMT, the Moon-Mars occultation -tight conjunction- occurred at 9°12 Pisces. Angular conjunct DS at 5° Pisces in London, and even closer with a DS 8° Pisces in the South of France (see the astromap below) : in France the spread of criminal fires burned 10.000 ha of pine forest near Fréjus. We notice the link with the DS that can mean adversity -with Mars, here parallel to the Moon, but also to Pluto, and not far from Uranus at 2° Pisces. This combination can be boosting, destructive or purifying. Mars can express the fire. A friend of mine living in Papeete Tahiti also witnessed lots of start of fires in her locality.

What happened in England was the sad and sudden death of David Kelly, the ex-UN inspector in Iraq as bio-expert (1991-1998), and at the time advisor to the British defense minister, goes to suicide -cutting his wrist in a park- because he'd betrayed lies on the Iraq dossier about WMD (weapons of mass destruction). In the Hutton enquiry that followed, even government ministers got questioned by the Court of Justice.

David Kelly was born on 17th May 1944 in Rhondda (Wales, UK), we don't know his hour of birth, but the event being so strong, I suspect he could have been born around 14:35 (12:35 GMT), giving him a 9° Virgo Ascendant, with then the transiting occultation right on his Descendant (adversity). Finding his birth certificate would be interesting.

The occultation was transiting in my 5th House of creation, trining my natal Mars 5° Cancer in the IXth and natal Moon 6° Scorpio in the first house. On the same day, I was printing the first copy of Rainbow Ephemeris 2004, and my notes show I also made the backups. This was the fruit of an intense month's work. Clear, isn't it ? !!! For my daughter, the occultation was transiting her 6th house (of small illnesses), and squaring her natal Mars in Gemini. She had a small flew for that last school day that she didn't miss. Mainly the small flew was her perfect excuse for not going camping where she'd been invited -indeed, I had pushed to go even if it was a bit against her will-.

3) Two months later, under another Moon-Mars occultation, Anna Lindh -born on 19 June 1957 (2)-, the Swedish Foreign minister was tragically wounded to death.

4) Magnetic storms, Santa Anna winds, California fires, or escalation of violence in Iraq? Read the article : Planetary alignment and Mercury's occultation of 25th October

5) This was not going to stop the expected Sun eclipse from occurring on Nov 23 at 22:49 GMT, with another toll of events. What was strong there was it happened three days after another triggering aspect, the tight Mars-Jupiter opposition (Rainbow 03, p.37, 20 Nov), so in almost perfect contra-parallel. Read the article : A strong Sagittarius Eclipse

(1) Subscribing to the recommended XP Automatic Updates are not enough. If your XP dates from 2002, you may still need to install the "Service Pack 1" to be safe. Didn't you know ? This is no joke !!!
(2) Anna Lindh Data (edited on 29 April 2004) : born on 19 June 1957, at 22h25 CET, in Ludvika (60N09-15E11), Sweden (Ekstrom Hospital records). Info from Mark Beal's enlightening article "Turbulent times for Sweden", in The Astrological Journal, Vol.46, N.2, March-April 2004.

© Astrid Fallon. Sheffield, 6th December 2003.

Astro-mapping for Mars's occultation by the Moon - 17th July 2003 - 8h am GMT

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