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10th December 2005

Newsletter 06

December 2005

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The mutations of 2006

The major aspect of 2006 is the triple parallel between Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto.

The last Neptune-Pluto parallel occurred in 1918, but not in the same signs. It repeats itself in the same signs every 493 years, and each time migration periods have transformed the world. In the years 35, 527, 1020, 1514 and now 2006, Neptune is in Aquarius, and Pluto in Sagittarius, but at a Scorpio declination equivalent. For this reason, we can interpret Pluto as in Scorpio, and that’s where it now hurts most (AIDS). And Jupiter the amplifier, itself in Scorpio, will increase potential for poisons, chemical pollutions, genetic mutations, epidemics, more computer spyware, scandalous frauds or general confusion, as Pluto’s parallels are stronger that its conjunctions.

Early February 2006, the Earth will be spinning with 6 planets, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto at 15° South Earth latitudes (= declinations). There is a big transformation going on. Like the end of a past (painful Scorpio) and the beginning of a new refreshing time (energetic Aquarius). The natal planets the most likely to be concerned by this transit are those standing at 15°-16° S declination, in Scorpio or Aquarius (plus the contra-parallels at 15° N, Taurus & Leo). It is possible to use these energies positively by deliberately acting in relation to what the concerned planet means in the chart. If you are searching, you could discover new big stuff! Or it can simply be a big spring clean, working to get rid of what we don’t need any more, and this way clear free space for the future. This period is also ideal to move home towards a more appropriate location, or to consolidate transformation already started. I will personaly be moving... probably to Brussels.

2006 is the year of the Moon’s major standstill (lunistices out-of-bound, 19 year cycle), affecting the ocean currents, the climate and the motions of the Earth’s crust. The tsunami of 26.12.2004, hurricane Katrina of 29.8.2005 and the Pakistani earthquake of 8.10.2005, all occurred when the Moon was well out-of-bound. More floods can be expected. We can also forecast unstable financial markets. Women will be in the news.

Finally, the successive occultations of Uranus in Pisces should push for more solidarity. They will develop ecology and refine the bio and nano technologies.

More details in the revamped Rainbow Ephemeris 2006 (now including the time when planets go out-of-bound!) and in the new collection made in collaboration with Andre Vander Linden, The Precise Planetary Phenomena and the new CD-Rom :-))

© Astrid Fallon. Sheffield, 10th December 2005. All rights reserved.

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