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 Planetary Cycles   at a glance

Astrid Fallon  
Fallon Astro Graphics, 2001
ISBN n° 0 9539062 3 X


Seen from the astrological point of view, planetary cycles happen in a structured manner that affects history and evolution as well as our private lives. The author attempts here to synthesise the patterns shaped by their conjunctions with graphs that speak for themselves. Zodiac is tropical and geocentric. Time is G.M.T. In this booklet, the planetary cycles are displayed in various manner :

1.  Each planet is presented on its own, with astronomical data. Illustrations for Mercury cycles and Mars cycles (Transits R).

2.  Each of the Jupiter to Pluto 10 inter-cycles are viewed from their conjunctions through time.

Example shown by the cover chart, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions form a triangular pattern that slowly moves from one element (Earth signs : Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) to the next (Air signs : Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). This gives rise to distinct social and economical trends. Also : Uranus-Neptune.

3.  The longitude and declination graphs show planetary motions through history.
4.  The World Clocks are another way to view time in action. Find here the WorldClocks Update of page 43 of the booklet.


                    Symbols  +   Introduction               p4
                    Sun cycle                                    p6
                    Moon cycles                                 p7
                    Moon Node                                  p8
                    Lunation and Eclipses                    p10
                    Mercury cycles                            p12
                    Venus cycles                               p13
                    Mars  cycles                                p14
                    Ceres  cycles                              p15
                    Jupiter cycles                              p16
                    Saturn cycles                              p21
                    Chiron cycles                               p25
                    Uranus cycles                              p26
                    Neptune cycles                            p29
                    Pluto cycles                                p31
                   Heliocentric cycles : perihelia & nodes   p32
                   Longitude and Declination graphs  1840-2080  p34
                   Life cycles                                 p40
                   Great conjunctions    1960-2040    p42
                   Planetary cycles  as World Clocks   p43
                   This Index    +   Sources               p44

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